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CN - Shenzhen?Mingli?Toys?Manufacturing?Co.,Ltd


US - Mingli International Group Inc


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1. Has a mold factory. Mold factory set design, production, processing, sales, service, can make aluminum casting die, CNC precision casting mould and die.
Mold factory CNC lathes, sparks machine, milling machine, sawing machine, lathe and other professional equipment, experienced more than 40 employees.
The engraver and skilled master mold room, can provide one-stop service from design to production.
2. The production of products: our company can not only for production, also provide oil pad printing, packaging and other services, from product design to the packaging one-stop service delivery model.
Provide ODM, OEM service.
3. The toy company has more than 15 years experience in production of PU products. Many kinds and styles in the production of products, including PU toys, building materials, PU PU children ?


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